Chiropractic care can make the difference between true recovery and healing or lingering pain and disability. Come to us for whiplash treatment.

Auto Accident Chiropractor, Dr. Angela Young has developed a rehabilitation protocol that get you out of pain quicker and back to your normal activities sooner. We provide accident treatment utilizing the integration of Chiropractic, Physical and Rehabilitative Therapy, Massage & Acupuncture for enhanced therapeutic benefit.

Even a minor collision can have major effects on your health! You need to get checked! When one vehicle is struck by another, thousands of pounds of force are exerted on the neck and spine. Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are thrown or “snapped” back and forth very quickly.

The painful result is injury to the ligaments, soft tissue, and discs of the neck and spine. Too many people who have been in a traumatic accidents do not receive the proper treatment. They go from the emergency room to the medical doctor’s office and do not have their resulting mis-alignments, subluxations or pinched nerves treated, as many medical doctors do not refer their patients to chiropractors. If you need an car accident chiropractor come see us.

This may be the reason why over half of the accident victims never completely recover from their injuries and may live on pain killers for years or endure repeated surgery.

In the United States more than 4 million people are injured in auto accidents each year. Oftentimes, the injuries go unreported and worse yet, the victims fail to seek proper health care. Injuries sustained at high speeds have long been recognized as very threatening to the body. However, it is the lower impact collisions that will usually cause the most damage to the body due to a simple factor, neglect.

This means the “bumps” received in rear end collisions and the “fender benders” have a serious effect on your body. They cause misalignments in the spine and may not cause pain right away. With time, these misaligned vertebrae can cause devastating degenerative effects to the bones, the disc, and the nerves in the involved areas. The lack of pain immediately following a low impact collision tends to allow a much more serious problem to progress, spinal decay. This is exactly why all people involved in ANY kind of auto injury, regardless of speed, should be checked by a chiropractor.

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Whether it is whiplash, dislocated joints, lower back strain, herniated discs, muscle stiffness, headaches, rib pain, shoulder pain, etc. Boise chiropractor, Dr. Angela Young can identify and treat those injuries in a natural and effective way.

Seeking chiropractic care immediately following an accident will allow you to be treated before your injuries become more serious and debilitating. The ideal time to visit our office is right after a collision. Often, patients feel no back pain, neck pain or other symptoms for many days or weeks; however, we have years diagnosing and treating car accident injury before it causes complications.

Waiting several weeks or months could worsen a condition and lead to a longer healing process. Over time, an untreated injury may lead to an increase in existing and new symptoms.

A chiropractic visit following an accident consists of a complete consultation, examination and x-rays to make a thorough diagnosis. Intense physical therapy and chiropractic procedures will follow to help relieve your pain. If your condition warrants, referrals to in-office and out-of-office medical specialists such as orthopedists or neurologists will be made. Other diagnostic tests may be needed.