The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway between the forearm and palm comprised of bones and connective tissue. The median nerve runs through this passageway to other areas in the hand. When this nerve is pinched or compressed, numbness, weakness, tingling, or pain in the hand or fingers may result. Thrive Chiropractic is trained to examine, diagnose, and treat carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions that mimic carpal tunnel syndrome.

The underlining cause of carpal tunnel syndrome could be misalignment in your wrist, elbow, back, or neck. Often the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is multifaceted. Dr. Angela Young will trace the nerve from the arm to the neck to see if there might be multiple areas of entrapment of the nerve in other areas of your arm. To treat carpal tunnel syndrome, chiropractic uses muscle therapy to diminish swelling of the tendons and manipulation techniques to free connective issue and realign the joints.

Chiropractic techniques can be used on almost every joint in the body to restore impaired function and range of motion. Trauma, vibration, and repetitive motions may put stress on the joints and cause misalignment.

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