Potential benefits of chiropractic before, during, and after pregnancy include sustaining a healthier pregnancy, controlling symptoms of nausea, alleviating back, neck, or joint pain, reducing labor and delivery time, and potentially avoiding a cesarean delivery. During pregnancy, a misaligned spine or joints can occur due to a postural changes which include an increased lower back curve, pelvic changes, and rounding through the shoulders. Establishing pelvic balance and alignment is essential to providing the most comfortable pregnancy for the mother. Dr. Angela Young has been trained in Webster technique. The goal of the Webster technique is to reduce effects of sacral subluxation/SI joint dysfunction. In regard to pregnant mothers with a baby in a breach position, this technique helps to facilitate optimal fetal positioning.

“I love taking care of pregnant mom’s. I have such a fun time watching their daily changing bodies heal naturally.” -Dr. Angela Young

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Chiropractic can prepare the body pre-pregnancy to be as strong and balanced as possible to carry the pregnancy. To help influence hormonal & immune health, Thrive Chiropractic can provide nutritional advice to support the mother-child diet.



Regular chiropractic care helps reduce back, neck, or joint pain during pregnancy. It not only reduces the stress on the nervous system, but it also helps stimulate the nervous system to provide proper functioning of reproductive organs.


Labor & Delivery

Chiropractic care establishes ideal pelvic balance and optimizes the room that a baby has to develop throughout pregnancy. With a balanced pelvis, the baby has a greater chance to move into the correct birthing position and reduces the chances of difficult labor.

Post-Birth Care

Chiropractic helps reduce the stress of delivery on the baby’s spine. Chiropractic adjustments can quicken mom’s recovery time as well. Thrive Chiropractic can help correct postural issues created by taking care of a new baby.

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