Once winter has set in, there often is a great deal of excitement about various upcoming holidays, parties at work and gatherings with friends and family. There is shopping to do for clothing, gifts and party supplies. In the midst of all the excitement, it is important to remember that walking is extremely dangerous on wet, icy and snowy sidewalks, and when entering buildings with entryways slickened by melted snow and water.

The National Safety Council reports that falls are the leading cause of injuries, with approximately 8.9 million hospital visits to the ER every year, and with 25,000 fatalities from falls in a recent year.

Older people are at greater risk of serious injury, and the agency reports that those over 55 years of age are almost four times more likely to die from the injuries sustained in a fall. Persons of any age could suffer very serious injuries in a slip and fall, depending upon the circumstances.

Excessive snow shoveling, the fall to the car in the morning that won’t go away & even just the cold weather can really be a challenge on your back and neck. We can help.

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Residents of Boise can use chiropractic care to recover from back injuries induced from shoveling snow. The repetitive action can cause damage and inflammation to sensitive discs which can lead to a range of symptoms such as pain, reduced mobility, and a pins and needles feeling. Those with previous back injuries are more vulnerable to experiencing back pain and injury. However, any person who is not used to the combination of motions involved can experience pain and more from shoveling snow. Understand how to avoid injuries by adopting proper techniques and get preventative treatment or injury care at Thrive.

Snow shoveling combines twisting and rotating with a forward bending movement. This combination can result in problems for those who are shoveling for upwards of 30 minutes. The intervertebral disc may become injured or inflamed and cause muscle spasms or back pain. Issues can even lead to a mechanical blocking effect seen when the individual cannot straighten up without discomfort. Wet snow can be particularly heavy and the repetitive action of shoveling can lead to an imbalance in the spinal column, placing pressure on sensitive nerves, causing significant discomfort and interfering with sleep or the performance of daily activities.

Natural pain management by way of chiropractic adjustments can offer relief and promote the healing process. Reduce any excess stress on muscles and nerves and feel better naturally. Education on preventative ways to reduce the possibility of injury while shoveling snow includes being mindful of posture, pivoting on the foot and turning the whole body to dump snow, taking frequent breaks, and stretching the spine. Snow shoveling injuries can occur in teenagers, adults, and seniors.

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