Dr. Yvonne is a fully licensed, board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic. Her experience working with hundreds of individuals all around the world has given her a level of expertise in the field.

Suffering from illness for most of her life, she was forced on a path to find out the truth about health in order to get her own health back. She traveled the country and world to find the best methods in health and wellness so she could bring the same principles that got her better to the members of her community.

She lives in Boise with her husband, son, daughter and two dogs. She enjoys adventures of all kinds, especially traveling the world and exploring the outdoors. Most weekends she can found outside on a hike or up in Garden Valley.

She is passionate about health and about transforming the Treasure Valley. She has dedicated her life to study, learn, and apply the best methods for getting sick people well and keeping people healthy. She loves her job because she gets to help people get their lives back through chiropractic.

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